Say what you will about valentines day most people will think of this as another hallmark hoilday. However valentines day can be one of the most loneliest day of the year for both male and females. Hiring a male escort I would consider the temporary soulution but it makes the eveing more entertaining. 

 Valentines day only once a year:

Hiring a male escort for the night can be quite expensive but if planned a few months ahead of time there should be no reason to treat your self. This will give you plenty of time to think it over and get to know the escort ahead of time this also help with any anxiety when doing this for the first time.


Where to go on Valentines day:

Most restaurants are booked months in advanced so it’s always good to plan ahead. I will list some of the most romantic places to dine in Sydney.

We don’t always have to dine out, I can also cook for you; Personally I think it’s more romantic and thoughtful to cook at home, anyone can go to a restaurant but cooking is a different matter.

Naughty dessert:

To me foreplay starts at dinner and what I love to do is tease whom I’m with. Also I’m a sucker for sweet things also. It’s a nice way to end the evening on a high note,great food and great company. Relax and unwind for a few hours after dinner, have pleasurable erotic massage and fantastic sex. If that does not sounds good I dont know what is. 

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