Book an escort for the evening:

Hiring a male escort for the first time is no easy task and one might wonder what will happen through out the evening. Everything starts with a simple call or email, We will respond promptly anywhere between 30mins to 4hours depending what time during the day.

What will happen after you have booked an male escort:

We will take the time make to be very presentable for our date, new colthing and cologne that suits. As always please ask what you would like to see before hand. 

Escort etiquette:

We would like to expain about some etiquette rules when you hire an escort, this can make our experience more pleasurable.  Here I will present to you a few suggestions to make our date more enjoyable but also to enjoy the services of any escort. So let’s get started…

Etiquette rule number 1:

When first contacting an companion, usually via our booking page, be sure to supply as much information you feel comfortable providing; including your first name, your age ect. Most switched on companions are going to learn all of this information one way or another so why not get started on the right foot, plus it makes the whole process run a lot smoother and faster. Something to avoid is sending E-mails or calling up with lewd, crude wishes and wants. Also private numbers, I will  guarantee it will be ignored.

Escort etiquette rule number 2:

Always pay the agreed rates upfront, never make the escort ask for money. A nice envelope with the full amount at the start of the appointment. With longer bookings and bookings that require travel a deposit paid before hand alot more preparation is required, this can be done through a wire or by credit card with secretive billing .

Escort etiquette rule number 3:

I feel really strongly about this one. DO NOT treat your escort or anyone for that matter like an item/object. We are all human beings. If an escort feels like they are disrespected at any given momment most likley the booking will be terminated, also your name will be added to a blacklist.


Escort etiquette number 4:

Expect the escort that you have hired to be well presented ,well spoken and to treat you in a professional manner at all times. We also expect the client to be respectful and have great hygiene through out the appointment. Your escort spent the time making them self’s sexy as possible for you.