Thank you for your interest in becoming a Male escort.
JFW is now FOR SALE to the public. (And not taking on new applicants)
We have listed at: For 50k USD.
We are now offering JFW exclusively to Male escorts who are in the industry or who want to get into the industry:

For: $30,000 AUD

What you need to know and what you are actually buying:

– All our work comes online through our highly sort after Domain:
– This domain, is the exact search for what THOUSANDS of people or searching every Month.
– We currenlty Rank in the TOP 3 for the main search terms in Melbourne for male escorts. This is very important in the online world because you cannot do paid advertising in the sex industry in google. All our inquires come free by Ranking TOP 3 using SEO in google.
– Your on going over heads will be very low. $0-$50 a month.
– We Avg b/w 5-10 inquries a week.
– If you purchase this site as a solo act you will be able to make the 30,000 in the first 3-6 months and hold long term clients very quickly.
– A good male escort will make 6 figure salary in the fist 12 months.
– We get 3 to 4 male’s apply to be an escort every week. (So you can build the company very quickly)
– It is very hard to get into the male escort industry unless you have your own company or a contact in the industry.

– Upon purchase you will receive:

*Transfer ownership of the domain name AND website into your name.

* Transfer of all email and phone number associated with JFW.

* 3 months of SEO after the purchase of the domain valued at $500 per month.

* 3 months of follow up care and help running the website.


“Legalities” Please view the link for more info
Private Escorts Victorian legislation stipulates various requirements for individuals to work alone (or along with one other sex worker) and be in compliance with the regulations. A small owner-operator escort service (i.e. an individual or 2 sex workers working together) is refered to as a Small Owner-Operated (Exempt) Brothel in legislation (see section 3 above) This means that private workers- working by themselves or with up to one other worker do not need to register to obtain a brothel licence- you do however, need to register as an exempt brothel and obtain an SWA number in order to comply with the law in Victoria. If you are working with another sex worker (ie offering doubles) they need to register as well to comply with the law.

In 2001 according to the BLA there were 1,461 exempt sex work service providers who operate their own escort agency, (defined as an individual service provider or as an individual working with a maximum of one other person apart from themselves.”

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I have a lot of serious buyers at this point so please only contact me if you are genuine and would like to make a serious offer.