First contact

Many women who have called upon our services for the first time were shy and hesitant. This is perfectly normal and we fully understand and respect your feelings. At our first contact we will spend some time simply talking about what you have in mind so that we can tailor the evening to your wishes and ensure we are on the same page. You can always text or email or even call us on the phone beforehand. Communication is key, as this is all about YOU. Together, we can break the ice and focus on making you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you may enjoy the experience to the fullest.

What Comes Next

This is entirely up to you. Perhaps you would like to share a drink or a light meal first at a restaurant or at home? We pride ourselves in being able to take care of you in more ways than one!

What makes an escort more appealing than, say, going through the routine of dating sites, is that there are no strings attached. Isn’t it great that you can get all you want from a man who puts you on a pedestal without the hassle of going through the dating routine? We know how to put a smile on your face, time and time again.

Are male Melbourne private escorts services confidential and safe?

Yes, completely. Your information is not shared with anyone and your personal safety is my main priority. Safe sex is always practiced and routine check-ups are done every 2 months. One thing worth mentioning; We do not practice sex with other men.

How will I be dressed for our date?

We have a large selection of clothes which cater towards classy and elegant if the situation so requires, but we also have a nice selection of easy going and smart casual wear. Please feel free to let us know your preference prior to our engagement.


Please be respectful of our time; it is just as valuable as yours. Our schedules are always heavily charged, therefore in the event that you are late,please let me know if not our rendezvous will finish as per the original agreement along with the full rate.


We spend a good quality time getting ready, so out of respect I would expect the same also. If you were unable to do so, I will invite you to have shower with me.

Are the rates negotiable?

No, they are not. You are paying for a high tier escort; the price reflects us and the services that we provide. We do offer credit card facilities: VISA, MASTERCARD and direct bank transfer.